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Freddo Raider - As Seen on TV

Freddo Raider - As Seen on TV

Experience the Thrill with Freddo’s Raider 2 Seater 24Volt 4x4 Ride on Car

Gear up for excitement – our Freddo Raider 2 Seater 24Volt 4x4 Ride on Car is showcased on HSNtv! Dive into a detailed view and watch the Raider bring exhilarating off-road adventures right to your backyard.

The Raider isn’t just a ride-on car; it’s a ticket to adventure, designed with safety at its core and room for two, ensuring every journey is a shared thrill. From robust design, brilliant LED lights, to a choice of vibrant colors, the Raider is packed with features that let kids feel they’re at the wheel of their very own vehicle.

Don’t just take our word for it – witness the action-packed Raider on HSNtv’s YouTube channel and see why no adventure is too big with the Freddo Raider!



Explore more about the Raider here:

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