Be a dealer

The Freddo Toys Wholesale Plan is meant to provide retailers with price and help if they want to sell our items in their physical or online retail stores. Members of Freddo Toys Wholesale program enjoy discounts of up to 30% on all orders. The tiered discount grows over time as you purchase more!

What is the operation of Freddo Toys Wholesale?

  • Fill out the contact form to apply for a Wholesale account and give the necessary papers for our approval procedure.

  • Once accepted, you can place orders directly on our website at any time.

  • We deliver the items to your shop or warehouse.

Why should you join the Freddo Toys Wholesale program?

  • Fantastic pricing and savings that grow as you purchase more!

  • Access to our product library, which contains over 1000 goods!

  • There is no cost to join!

  • There is no minimum expenditure required to keep your account active!

  • On-demand ordering made simple!

It's easy, let's get started!

Who is eligible to participate in the Freddo Toys Wholesale program?

Freddo Toys Wholesale is intended for retailers that intend to resale Freddo Toys merchandise in their physical or online stores. Any online retailer or online auction can resell the items or goods acquired from or created by Freddo (such as your website, eBay, Amazon, or other similar marketplace sites).